Growing Kennedy Logistics & Consulting to A Multi-Million Dollar Operation

As a consultancy business, Kennedy Logistics & Consulting aims to bridge organizations with clients to develop profitable opportunities. No matter what industry the client comes from, Kennedy Logistics is willing to go above and beyond to provide the best service.  

Achieving this comes from having reliable and collaborative partnerships – that’s exactly what Kennedy Logistics has with Axiom Equipment Group. From creating go-to-market plans, fulfilling product customizations, and developing financing opportunities for clients, Kennedy Logistics’ supplier partnerships are now worth over $5M and are only growing from here.  

About Kennedy Logistics & Consulting

Kennedy Logistics & Consulting, owned by Kevin Kennedy, is a consultancy business helping clients from a wide range of sectors fulfill their needs when it comes to supply, financing, planning, and marketing. For 26 years, Kennedy was a dealer principal and owner of six franchise operations with tremendous experience & expertise in areas of commercial lending, financial statement analysis, and cash flow projections, prompting him to widen his scope of work.  

Now, one of the main objectives of Kennedy Logistics is to help organizations acquire industrial equipment to help move forward construction/infrastructure projects, grow their rental fleet, and/or “matchmake” businesses based on supply and demand. 

Needing An Equipment Supplier with A Personalized and Customized Approach

With Kennedy Logistics’ diverse clientele, Kevin needed a supplier willing to collaborate on product customizations, forecasting, and sales processes to ensure the satisfaction of their clients. The issue? With supply chain issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it had become challenging enough to simply find available equipment. Even more is trying to find a supplier willing to go above and beyond to fulfill customer needs.  

“We find that a lot of manufacturers and suppliers work in such a cut-and-dried way which is sometimes not ideal,” Kennedy explained. “Even when we were still in the automotive business, customer satisfaction had always been a pillar to us, so we want to deal with businesses that care enough to work with us based on what we need,” he added.  

As Kennedy Logistics continues to grow, they knew that a personalized and customized approach from a supplier is needed to be able to move forward with growing the business.  

Why Kennedy Logistics & Consulting Chose Axiom Equipment Group and How It Resulted to A Partnership Worth Millions

In January 2022, Kennedy was looking to facilitate a purchase of generators for a company to supply to a large multinational corporation and had received a recommendation from one of his long-time business colleagues to check out Axiom’s equipment portfolio. Brad Caldwell, one of our expert Account Managers, had been Kennedy’s first point of contact and provided all the information he needed to determine whether our Megagen Z Series generators were the right fit for what he and his clients needed.  

“If I needed clarification on product specifications, invoicing, delivery, freight, and other technical support, Brad had it at his finger trips. He was incredibly honest about everything,” stated Kennedy. 

“Axiom, in general, showed a willingness in such propensity to work with people like me who have a pretty extensive network of clients in all various works of life.”  Among all the other things, Kennedy emphasized that dealing with Axiom had been the best decision because of our:  

  • Excellent Responsiveness  
  • Tremendous Technical Support  
  • Good Overall Value  
  • Vision For Growing Product Portfolio 

Brad, along with our General Manager Randy Gay and Sales Manager Greg Helfrich, also met with Kennedy to discuss go-to-market plans and personalized ways to assist his equipment rental clients, thus resulting in business worth millions. Axiom’s willingness to customize the approach for Kennedy Logistics in a way that worked for them proved to be a tremendous solution for what they needed.  


Want the same experience?

Axiom’s passion for customer success, combined with the industry’s most reliable equipment, around-the-clock availability, excellent warranty, and top-notch service, guarantees that you will be taken care of every step of the way. No matter what industry you’re in, Axiom will help you find the right equipment at the right time for the right price.

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