Supplying Generators to Loue Froid Amidst Industry Supply Chain Issues

Loue Froid/HVAC Rentals is an equipment rental provider for power generation and temperature control equipment, covering everything from maintaining the temperature in server rooms to purifying the air at mining facilities, building ice rinks, and deploying power generators or air conditioning facilities.  

Axiom Equipment Group provided Loue Froid with reliable and efficient equipment for their rental fleet when equipment supply in the market was highly scarce. This allowed Loue Froid to serve their clients and fulfill project demands rapidly. 

About Loue Froid

Loue Froid provides products and rental services for air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, heating, power distribution, chillers, humidification & dehumidification, and fluid cooling. With an extensive variety of products and services along with increasing demand, Loue Froid welcomes a large client base demanding equipment for many different projects.  

Needing Top-Quality Generators At A Time of Scarcity

It is no surprise that when the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, and then followed by other calamities & war, supply chain issues arose and impacted almost all businesses. For the industrial sector, it came in the form of extremely long lead times, lack of inventory, tremendous price increases, and more. However, the sector also held much potential to stimulate recovery, and is now on the rise again.  

Loue Froid places tremendous pride on being able to offer top-quality equipment and services to its clients, so they knew they needed a supplier with fast availability in the right quantity for the right price. When one of their longstanding clients needed generators for their project, Loue Froid wanted to be able to meet their demands. The issue? Finding suppliers for top-quality equipment & service, while also having great availability and short lead times.  

Why Loue Froid Chose Axiom Equipment Group & The Results

Loue Froid searched for the company’s next reliable supplier and had received a recommendation for Axiom Equipment Group. One of our Account Managers, Kyle Evans, followed up right away and provided options for our Megagen Z Series generators. Ultimately, they decided to enter the partnership and purchased our generators.  

When discussing with their Logistics Manager, Vincent Roy, he explained that Loue Froid chose Axiom because of our:  


  • Great Product Availability  
  • Generator Quality  
  • Excellent Service (Very quick response from Axiom sales & technicians!)  
  • Canadian Company 


As issues inevitably arise from equipment, which may not necessarily be attributed to their quality, it is important to have reliable support from suppliers. When Loue Froid had brought up a minor concern regarding the AVR (automatic voltage regulator) of one of the units, they were able to talk to our technicians right away and received feedback that solved their concerns.  

“We are very pleased with our Megagen generators so far, and we felt that we made the right decision to go with Axiom Equipment Group. We received (and continue to) great support from your sales and service. We feel taken care of.” – Vincent Roy 

Want the same experience?

Axiom’s passion for customer success, combined with the industry’s most reliable equipment, around-the-clock availability, excellent warranty, and top-notch service, guarantees that you will be taken care of every step of the way. No matter what industry you’re in, Axiom will help you find the right equipment at the right time for the right price.

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