Our fleet of high-quality industrial equipment enables continuous runtime to support Mining operations.


Power industrial equipment in remotely located mines

Wide selection of generators up to 300 kW to keep operations in motion when shore power isn’t available

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Light Tower

Lighting solutions to safely & efficiently light up jobsites and to maximize visibility at night

Our Metrolite HLT-6150 Hybrid Light Tower can function on solar, diesel, and electric. Save $65,000+ in the long term!

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Fuel Transport & Storage

Reduce downtime with our selection of ULC approved fuel transport and storage solutions available for sale

When the bottom line is critical, every drop counts, which is why mines have achieved major savings through reducing idling time and unnecessary stopping. With our Megatank, you can expect greater fuel savings & better fuel control.

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Keep crews working and projects moving forward with our broad range of heaters

High-quality industrial heaters with high efficiency ratings to keep up productivity in cold weather

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