Working in the oil field is tough.

Working with your equipment supplier shouldn't be

Axiom Equipment Group does everything possible to make oil field jobsites safe, efficient and productive.


As part of our customer promise, we offer far more than high-quality industrial equipment. Our immediate service solutions help you avoid costly downtime.

Downtime might occur if:

  • Equipment issues arise and no backup equipment is onsite
  • Equipment malfunctions or becomes damaged onsite
  • Equipment delivery is delayed
  • More equipment is needed as the jobsite expands

Axiom superior service solutions

  • Dedicated account manager for 24/7 single point of contact
  • Stand-by equipment & on-the-spot troubleshooting solutions
  • Streamlined shipping & billing logistics management
  • Quick and easy access to high-quality industrial equipment
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Don't just purchase equipment, get the quality customer service solutions you need for continuous operations!

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