Megagen X Series Generators


The Megagen X Series is a range of high-quality, eco-friendly generator sets designed for use in applications that have a more consistent power demand, such as remote location dewatering or powering frost fighters. Featuring fewer bells and whistles than our Megagen Z Series Generators while still incorporating many of the same long-lasting components, these generators offer reliable power and a robust design to handle challenging conditions with ease. Equipped with an easy-to-use CoMap Controller, this generator is the ideal solution for a range of commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Megagen X Series Features

  • CoMap Controller
  • Large capacity fuel tank and additional external fuel tank connectivity to maximize runtime
  • Superior sound proofing solutions
  • Master battery disconnect for added safety
  • Cold weather package to protect your equipment in harsh weather conditions
  • Central, revolving lifting hook to move equipment safely and securely
  • 240 / 480 switchable
  • 110% spill containment, minimizing environmental impact
  • Single axle trailer option

The X Series generator is currently available in the X30 size. Certain features described above may not be available in other models.

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Technical DataX30
EngineKohler KDI1903TCR
Gen EndWEG
Prime OutputkW (kVA)21.8 (27.3)
Trailer OptionYes
VoltageV240 / 480
Fluid Containment110%


  • A Megagen product
  • 30 – 70 kVA generators
  • High efficiency
  • Highest quality workmanship
  • Proven reliability and low life-cycle costs
  • Service and spare parts supply infrastructure
  • User-friendly control panel with full safety shut-down protection
  • Centre lift facility for easy lifting into hard to reach locations
  • Optional single trailer
  • Sound attenuated package provides quiet operation
  • Large fuel tank and external fuel tank connectivity offers longer run times
  • Digital controller provides easy to read LCD display
  • 110% fuel containment system
  • Cold weather package
  • Durable features like corrosion treatment of select body parts provide a long lasting, quality appearance

Certain features may not be available in other models.