Five Factors to Consider for Remote Industrial Jobsite Success

Date Published: January 21, 2019

Remote Industrial Construction Job Site

The stakes are high when it comes to managing and ensuring large-scale, industrial projects do not experience operational interruptions. Remote jobsite locations are even more challenging when it comes to operating continuously and cost-effectively, with zero downtime.

Due to the unique challenges that come with remote industrial jobsites, project owners and managers need to be proactive in anticipating and combatting these challenges in advance.

Here are five things you need for success on your remote industrial jobsite:

Equipment application and operational training

On remote industrial jobsites, help is not near-by should your equipment malfunction. This makes it even more important for your team to become in-house experts when it comes to troubleshooting and maintaining your equipment to avoid downtime.

Typically, the topics covered in Equipment Application and Operation Training include:

  • Basic start-up, run-through and shutdown of equipment
  • Operational instructions
  • Maintenance and service
  • Basic field service
  • In-depth shop training
  • Troubleshooting tips

Preparing your team with Equipment Application and Operation Training gives them the skills and confidence they need to be successful at remote job locations.

A vendor that offers consignment or standby equipment onsite

Vendor-managed inventory helps to reduce the chance of downtime as backup equipment is on-site or in consignment in case equipment breaks down or fails on-site.

Through this method of supply-chain management, vendor-managed inventory means full visibility for your equipment vendor, which ensures that the right equipment is available for the customer at the right time.

It also ensures that your equipment supplier keeps stock of spare parts, which are ready-at-hand as needed for your use.

Backup equipment service package onsite

With continuous jobsite operations, equipment requires more maintenance then it would with occasional or ad-hoc use. Seemingly small things like equipment requiring a new filter, fluid, or part can lead to downtime and seriously delay your project timelines on a remote industrial jobsite.

To prevent this, always ensure your backup equipment service package includes:

  • Equipment filters
  • Fluids
  • Replacement parts

In an industry where continuing operations is paramount, having a backup equipment service package onsite ensures that inevitable equipment maintenance doesn’t stand in your way.

Knowledge of unique location factors

Equipment can operate differently dependant on the location and climate, so being aware of elements like temperature, humidity, terrain and altitude are all something you should be familiar with beforehand.

It’s always important to be aware of your equipment’s operating restrictions regarding climate. For example, equipment with a Tier 4 engine doesn’t perform as well in extreme cold weather as Tier 3 equipment does.

Other unique location factors you should be aware of include identifying potential hazards such as snow, rain and wind.

For example, in an exceptionally windy climate, light towers require properly rated “outriggers” (extra support for light towers) so they don’t topple over, due to the centre of gravity of the mast.

Altitude is another unique location factor, which can dramatically impact temperature. This is because air at higher altitude is under less pressure than air at lower altitude, causing a higher altitude to have colder temperatures than a jobsite with a lower altitude.

Surface level and terrain are another factor to consider beforehand. Most industrial equipment won’t operate effectively unless it’s leveled to a certain standard automatically detected by the equipment. For example, generators and aerial lift equipment both require a level surface for optimal operation.

When working on remote industrial jobsites, another important factor to take into consideration are local laws which may be unique to the land the jobsite is on.

One common example of this is environmental regulations such as noise pollution laws where a decibel rating is in effect to protect wildlife. These types of regulations will impact the generator you rent or purchase.

Another common environmental regulation project owners need to be aware of ahead of time for remote industrial jobsites are containment levels for fluids, spills, and exhaust emissions. Letting your equipment vendor account manager know ahead of time can help them to prepare you with the equipment and tools you need to overcome unique location factors and restrictions.

Don’t delay your project’s timeline by realizing you need special or extra equipment accessories to accommodate your work while onsite – be prepared by anticipating them ahead of time.

Zero Downtime promise by equipment vendor

Always partner with an equipment vendor that is passionate about your success and offers solutions.

Be sure that your equipment vendor has an experienced service team available to help quickly resolve any equipment issues before they turn into the potential for downtime, and helps you take preventative measures to limit potential for downtime.

Equipment breakdowns often occur at inconvenient times, not just Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

By carefully planning ahead, training your team, familiarizing yourself with unique location factors, keeping a backup equipment service package onsite and partnering with a trusted equipment supplier who promises zero downtime, you can achieve continuous operations and success on your remote industrial jobsite.

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