How Equipment Application and Operational Training Can Help You

Date Published: May 30, 2018

Heavy Equipment Application and Training

Having high-quality equipment is essential to the success of any construction project. So is having a team that is knowledgeable and fully-trained to operate your equipment. Equipment Application and Operation Training helps you achieve success by equipping your team with skills in:

  • Basic equipment operation
  • Basic equipment maintenance
  • Troubleshooting common equipment issues

Here is what happens during Equipment Application and Operational Training and some of the benefits your team will leave with.


A training expert will meet with you prior to the training to understand your needs. This includes understanding details such as the equipment, what type of field or office staff need training, current level of understanding, how many people will be attending, and your training goals.

After meeting with you and identifying your needs, the training experts create a custom-tailored training program for your team.

The topics that are covered in the Equipment Application and Operation Training typically include:

  • Basic start-up, run-through and shutdown of equipment
  • Operational Instructions
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Basic Field Service
  • In-depth Shop Training
  • Troubleshooting Tips, and
  • An opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.

As an industry standard, safety is number one when it comes to any equipment operation.


Zero Downtime is a huge factor in any successful project. Downtime often occurs when equipment is not ready or breaks down and is waiting for repair. Prevent this from happening to you by educating your team on preventative maintenance and troubleshooting skills.

High knowledgeability in equipment operation is especially important when your team is working in remote locations where help may not be close by.

Preparing your team with Equipment Application and Operation Training will give them the confidence they need to be successful.


After completing Equipment Application and Operational Training, your team will not only be comfortable running equipment, but be well-equipped to provide basic preventative maintenance and deal with any common equipment issues.

Hiring a company that are field experts and highly experienced to provide quality training is essential.

The Axiom Equipment Group training team has 50 years of combined experience in Equipment Application and Operational Training. Headquartered in Oxbow, Saskatchewan, the training team can either host or provide training on-site for your convenience. Additionally, there are no minimum enrollment requirements for training attendees.

Equip your team for success and contact us today. We are committed to providing solutions critical to your success!