Harness the Power of Sustainability with Exclusive Earth Day Savings

As pioneers in eco-friendly industrial solutions, Axiom Equipment Group is proud to lead the charge towards a more sustainable future.

From April 1st to April 30th, 2024, enjoy exceptional discounts on our most eco-friendly light towers:


Metrolite ELT-4320 Electric LED Light Tower

Get 3% off for 6+ units, 5% off with prepayment.


Metrolite SLT-490 Solar LED Light Tower

Get 3% off for 3+ units, 5% off with prepayment.


Metrolite ELT-4320 Hybrid LED Light Tower

Get 3% off for 3+ units, 5% off with prepayment.


Operational Excellence Meets Environmental Stewardship

By integrating Axiom’s sustainable solutions into your projects, you not only enjoy operational excellence but also take a significant step towards environmental protection. Our customers have witnessed:

Cost Reduction

Lower operational costs through energy-efficient designs, low-to-no fuel requirements and reduced labour costs.

Eco-Friendly Impact

A marked decrease in carbon emissions and environmental footprint.


Extended equipment lifespans, ensuring long-term reliability.

"Metrolites are a direct, easy replacement for a diesel light tower. They’re more efficient and run on green energy. Sustainability is such a huge win for our customers these days.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I combine Earth Day promotional pricing with other offers?

A: The Earth Day promotion is exclusive and cannot be combined with other offers. However, it provides significant savings across our eco-friendly range.

Q: What warranty comes with these products?

A: Our products come with a comprehensive warranty. Specific details vary by product, so please ask our team for more information.

Q: Do you offer financing options?

A: Yes, we offer flexible financing options to make your transition to sustainable equipment easier. Contact us for details.

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