Axiom Equipment Group Announces New VIP Program

Date Published: October 22, 2018

Axiom Equipment Group’s New VIP Program and Its Advantages

To deliver on the promise of meeting large project demands quickly, Axiom Equipment Group has developed a new VIP program, exclusively for customers with large projects with diverse and dynamic equipment needs.

This exclusive program is designed specifically so customers with complex, time-sensitive project requirements receive a customized solution that guarantees quick and convenient service and equipment supply 24/7.

“We’re always looking for new and improved ways to help our customers be successful,” said Randy Gay, General Manager at Axiom Equipment Group. “Our new VIP program ensures that our customers with large projects not only save time and money, but also have on-demand access to back-up equipment through our vendor-managed inventory program.”

Advantages for VIP members include perks such as:

  • Vendor managed inventory (stand-by equipment)
  • Cost incentives and platinum rates
  • Dedicated account management for single point of contact
  • Proactive maintenance and rental protection
  • Logistics management for shipping and billing

There are only two simple requirements to reap the benefits of the VIP program – customers must meet the minimum equipment commitment and execute the VIP agreement.

In addition to the perks, some of the many benefits of this exciting new program include:

  • COST-SAVINGS – preferred rates & pay only when equipment is needed
  • SAVE TIME – Flexible equipment access & vendor managed inventory
  • EFFICIENT OPERATIONS – Expert advice for best-fit equipment selection and use
  • PERSONALIZED SERVICE – Streamlined operations – 24/7 account management with 2 hr response time
  • CONTINUOUS OPERATIONS– on-demand access to back-up equipment

This VIP program is just one extension of Axiom Equipment Group’s track record of offering excellence in customer service.

“Axiom Equipment Group truly goes above and beyond,” said Jason Gomes, Somerville Aecon Joint Venture. “Their staff goes out of their way to ensure you get the right product at the right time. It is truly a pleasure to work with them.”

Avoid downtime and access your equipment quickly and easily when you need it the most with Axiom Equipment Group’s VIP program. Sign up today!

About Axiom Equipment Group

At Axiom, we believe in ZERO DOWNTIME so much that we stand behind it with a unique iron clad promise that combines the industry’s most reliable equipment fleet with a rapid response program, around-the-clock availability, expert service and a financing option to fit every budget. Gain peace of mind knowing your equipment won’t break down, and if it does, we have the inventory to repair and replace it on the fly!

For more information on the program or to become a VIP member, please contact us!

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