Pipelines are constantly under scrutiny.

So let’s expose the facts.

Axiom values the energy sector.
Powering Canada and the rest of the world.


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Bylaws, federal laws, stakeholders and other industry regulators all have high standards for how Pipeline work is conducted so environmental impact is minimized


As part of our green solutions, Axiom Equipment Group offers:

  • 110% fluid containment options for all industrial equipment
  • LED light towers for reduced emissions
  • Industrial heaters with one of the highest efficiency ratings on the market
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Workers in the Pipeline industry have strict guidelines for safe construction, equipment use and protective wear to prevent adverse safety incidents from occurring


With safety as our top priority, Axiom Equipment Group offers:

  • Vertical mast light towers
  • Positive Air Shutoff options for all industrial equipment
  • On-site Equipment Application & Operational Training
  • Fire extinguishers on all equipment

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