A Greener Future with Hybrid Light Towers

Date Published: September 22, 2022

HLT-6150 Hybrid Light Tower

In recent years, hybrid light towers have quickly gained popularity. As the construction and other industrial sectors aim to become more environmentally friendly in their operations, choosing a hybrid industrial lighting solution is an ideal step.  

Hybrid light towers are a series of industrial lighting units with rechargeable batteries merged with a fuel-efficient diesel engine. Some models have batteries that can be solar charged while relying on a backup engine, while others leverage solar solely for their start-up battery. Since they are designed to reduce emissions, fuel costs, and noise, hybrid light towers can be a great option for jobsites in urban areas. 

Benefits of a Hybrid Light Tower in Construction 

This guide highlights why contractors should consider hybrid light towers in their next search for industrial lighting solutions. Here are the core benefits of choosing a hybrid light tower:  

Environmentally Friendly  

We can’t deny that human activities have a massive impact on the environment and planet. We all play a major role in minimizing our footprint, and because hybrid light towers uses renewable solar energy, they help tremendously in achieving that.  

The simple substitute of sustainable solar power makes a great difference in helping CO2 emissions, keeping the project and the company working on it greener 

Very Efficient & Reliable  

With hybrid light towers, you can be sure that your lighting will stay consistent and effective. Certain hybrid light towers, like the Metrolite HLT-6150, uses solar and battery technology to efficiently illuminate your nighttime operations. They have a 3–4-hour engine runtime per 10-hour night. The HLT-6150 can also function as an electric light tower, which means that it can be plugged in and work with electricity.   

Cheaper to Run & Maintain  

The benefits of a hybrid light tower extend far beyond minimizing emission. It is significantly cheaper to run and maintain them as they suffer less wear-and-tear, improving the unit’s overall longevity.  

Hybrid light towers consume much less fuel and reduce operating costs. With the right panel and battery, hybrid light towers can provide enough light for twice as long as it runs on fuel during the night when the batteries are fully charged.  

Besides, since they require minimal human intervention to monitor and operate, a hybrid light tower costs less labour to man, and maintenance is less frequent than other conventional light towers.  

Portable & Easy to Use  

A typical hybrid light tower is more compact, lightweight, and easier to operate. While these specific features may vary with the model, a unit of the hybrid light tower should have a set of wheels for mobility, a battery pack, a fuel tank, and solar panels. Some also feature an automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor that makes it convenient to operate (or ‘not operate’).  

Less Noise Pollution (Quieter)  

Noise pollution is a serious concern, especially when work must go on at night. A hybrid light tower mitigates this problem since battery power is typically silent. A company carrying out construction or other industrial operations, particularly in residential areas, will find hybrid light towers more convenient and less disruptive to everyone living or working in proximity to the site.  

How Can a Hybrid Light Tower Save You Money?   

A hybrid light tower is the ultimate sustainable solution to illuminate jobsites in dark or nighttime operations. Considering that every company aims to lower operational costs, this hybrid solution can save you money in three ways:  

1. Hybrid light towers save money in reduced fuel consumption. The cost of fuel is high, and any savings from using solar power or hybrid technology will go a long way.

2. Compared to fuel-only light towers, hybrid light towers require less maintenance and labour costs to operate.

3. Hybrid light towers are more efficient as they combine solar and battery technology. Cost savings made from this advanced technology will improve the profitability of the projects.

Our Recommendation: The Metrolite LED Hybrid Light Tower (HLT-6150)   

Although there aren’t too many hybrid light towers on the market yet (at least not in Canada!), it’s not difficult to understand what makes one of these kinds of units superior. One of the best hybrid light towers on the market is the Metrolite HLT-6150 for the following reasons:  

BRIGHT ENERGY-EFFICIENT LED LAMPS: The HLT-6150 features 6 x 150W high-output LED lamps with up to 50,000 hours of service life.  

LESS SPILLAGE: Refueling only happens once every 30 – 40 days instead of 2 – 3 days  

BATTERY LIFE: Four crystal batteries with an average lifespan of 8 – 11 years – that’s about 70,000 – 96,000+ hours!  

AUTOMATIC: Dusk-to-dawn sensor to ensure continuous operations while minimizing labour  

VERSATILE: Can run on battery technology, diesel, and/or electric 

For more information on the Metrolite LED Hybrid Light Tower (HLT-6150), view the SPEC SHEET.  

Modern hybrid lighting technology is more advanced than ever. They are more durable, trustworthy, and long-lasting, all factors that ensure the sustainability of your operations. If you’re looking for the best hybrid light tower that will ensure utmost efficiency, enhanced productivity, and long-term savings, while minimizing your company’s environmental footprint, the Metrolite HLT-6150 is your top solution.  

At Axiom, we have a wealth of industry expertise focused on advancing sustainable industrial equipment solutions. If you have any questions about our light towers or other equipment such as generators and fuel tanks, contact us today!