Axiom Equipment Group is Launching An Online Store

Date Published: August 16, 2022

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It’s an exciting time for us at Axiom as we strive to continue making processes as easy, convenient, and efficient for you as possible! We’re pleased to introduce our online store at where you can shop industrial parts for your equipment with just a few clicks.

We now have a few generator parts kits available online, and we’re adding more products everyday! If you’re not seeing the item you need from our website right now, you can still call us at 1-866-616-3999, and we guarantee (99% of the time????) that we have it.  

At Axiom, we take pride in ensuring great communication with our team, suppliers, and, of course, our customers. Now, as we continue to add some of our equipment and parts in our online store, you may be wondering about a few things. Let us address it for you, so that you can feel comfortable with where we’re going!  

Will all industrial parts only be available for purchase online? What if we still want to talk directly with a representative from Axiom?   

We’re going to try to add as many parts products as possible to our online store for fast and convenient shopping, but we have a Customer Care Manager that you can talk to for any questions, concerns, and requests! Customer service will always be of utmost importance to us, and adding an e-commerce feature won’t detract from that – it’s just another way to show that we listen and want to make a seamless process for you!  

Will my data be safe when making a purchase?   

With us? Yes. At Axiom, we have top security measures in our systems and have always ensured that customer data is protected! However, we can’t control what goes on externally, so while we do our due diligence for your safety, you’ll have a role to play, too. When you’re making online purchases, please keep your cyber security in mind. Some of the ways to stay safe online include:  

– NOT saving your payment information on any site. It may be tempting because of how convenient it is but taking a little more time to put in your credit card number every time is better than risking your info being stolen by hackers.  

– Securing network and browsing. Don’t make purchases on public Wi-Fi.  

What if I want a certain parts product in bulk? Should I order directly from the website?   

We want you to get the best bang for your buck. Before you order in bulk, contact us at, and let us know what you need and the quantity you want to order. We’ll determine if you’re eligible for a VIP account!  

With a VIP account, you will receive discounted rates!  

What are your shipping options?   

We will aim to increase our shipping options, but as of right now, here’s what we have:  

Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba

  • Purolator Ground: 2 – 3 business days or more by 9pm.  
  • Purolator Express: 2 – 3 business days or less by 9pm. 

 All Other Provinces & Territories

  • Purolator Ground: 3 – 5 business days or more by 9pm.  
  • Purolator Express: 3 – 5 business days or less by 9pm. 

Since there’s still a worldwide pandemic, and all industries are experiencing supply shortages or delays, certain things are out of our control. Please be patient with us – we promise we’ll be doing our best to ensure you get what you need!

What if something’s defective? What if we need to return the product?   

We have a 14-day return policy for parts. Just like many other manufacturers and suppliers, all items returned must be in the original packaging, in the new uninstalled condition. A copy of your invoice will also need to be included.  

You can fill out our Return Goods Authorization Form to start the process. Since there are other terms that go with this, please review our Shipping & Returns Policy in entirety. Every time you purchase something from us, we want to ensure that you understand the terms – what we can and can’t do!  

We hope we were able to answer some of your questions, and that you’re just as excited as we are! If you have any other questions, here are the many ways you can contact us, and we will aim to respond in less than 24 hours: 

Phone: 1-866-616-3999  

LiveChat via  

Happy Shopping!

– Axiom Team