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Welcome to Axiom Equipment Group where we bring over 30 years of industrial equipment sales experience and product expertise to offer innovative, eco-friendly, and efficient solutions!

Whether you’re in the construction, equipment rental, mining, pipeline, or powerline industries, we can provide you with the right equipment, at the right time, for the right price.

Metrolite HLT-6100 Light Tower

Expect Higher Standards On Site

Why Choose Us

Our specialty expands beyond the products we manufacture and sell to becoming a trusted advisor and partner. We want to help our clients solve the problems they face every day.
Our fleet of high-quality well-maintained equipment is inspected, tuned and certified ready for customer delivery. Designed to meet the needs of Western Canadian job sites.
With our equipment geared to delivering the highest efficiency possible, you can expect greater cost-savings in your operations.
We are a Saskarc company. Our team has decades of combined experience in equipment sales and service. Our team has the knowledge and expertise that you can rely on!


Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Industrial or Construction Equipment


Sustainability – or reliance on sound processes to create products with minimal impact on the environment while conserving natural resources and energy – has revolutionized the manufacturing and...

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Axiom Equipment Group is Launching An Online Store


It’s an exciting time for us at Axiom as we strive to continue making processes as easy, convenient, and efficient for you as possible! We’re pleased to introduce our online store...

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