Brent Scott

Brent Scott - Chief Executive Officer of Axiom Equipment GroupBrent Scott is the CEO at Saskarc Group. Brent has occupied many pivotal roles that have been instrumental in the growth and success of the company and corporate identity, known as Saskarc Group. Brent began his career in 1991 as a fabricator, and his innovative leadership and forward thinking led him to progress into several management roles such as Sales and Marketing and Administrative Manager, to Managing Director in 2010, to his current position as CEO in January, 2018.

Brent’s innovative leadership combined with several years of experience and knowledge in various roles has proven to be very valuable as he and the company continue to explore new opportunities and ventures in several industrial markets. As Saskarc Group continues to grow and expand into new markets through acquisitions and diversifications, Brent continues to be a pivotal player in the growth and future development of Saskarc Group’s endeavours in a variety of industries.