Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Industrial or Construction Equipment

Date Published: July 4, 2022

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Sustainability – or reliance on sound processes to create products with minimal impact on the environment while conserving natural resources and energy – has revolutionized the manufacturing and industrial equipment sectors.  

Nowadays, many companies bolster their efforts to environmental consciousness, and the industrial equipment sector isn’t far behind in this transformation. Leading manufacturers are now including eco-friendly varieties in their product lines. 

So why did we, as a manufacturer and equipment supplier, shift our focus to creating eco-friendly construction equipment? And why should you, as a contractor, construction company, or equipment rental provider, care about sustainability for your business? This guide has the answers.  

Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Industrial or Construction Equipment  

How does your business benefit when you buy eco-friendly equipment and adopt sustainable practices? Let’s explore.  

Reduced Energy Costs  

Water and energy are a prime concern, but improvements can cut costs. By incorporating eco-friendly industrial equipment, you’ll promote rational consumption of resources. For example, if you choose energy-efficient machinery or tools, you can significantly reduce your monthly utility bills and supply costs.  

Boosts Innovation  

You may have to replace your current systems to maintain efficient processes and equipment. At first, this may seem expensive, but you’ll appreciate the long-term gains as you can enhance operations, cut operational costs, and make the planet cleaner.  

Attracts Customers  

Sustainable, eco-friendly equipment, resources, and practices can make your organization more appealing to the environmentally-conscious customers of today and boost your reputation. You can attract a new customer base and grow your sales significantly in the long run. 


Gone are the days when companies operated without environmental certifications. Nowadays, laws require companies to implement eco-friendly processes and equipment. Staying on toes with relevant legislation will significantly cut compliance costs. Also, every organization now has environmental responsibilities.  


Companies in North America who proactively implement eco-friendly improvements can enjoy programs, grants and funding opportunities at the local, provincial and national levels.  

Improves Workplace Morale  

As an example, if you’re an equipment rental company, knowing that you’re providing your customers with eco-friendly equipment to help them with sustainability will feel good and can spark teamwork and collaboration. This can also inspire research and development projects focused on boosting efficiency.  

Improved Health and Safety  

Eco-friendly industrial equipment minimizes waste and hazardous materials. Besides the direct benefits to your business, the reduced carbon footprint can positively impact the safety of staff members and the community.  

Societal Impact  

Apart from boosting your company’s profit margins, shifting to eco-friendly equipment can make a real difference. These changes will help you leave a minimal carbon footprint and cut the level of toxic emissions. Ultimately, this will benefit future generations with improved water and air quality, more renewable energy sources, and fewer landfills.  

Eco-Friendly Trends in Construction and Other Industrial Sectors  

Almost every company is going green or at least incorporating some form of sustainability practice, and this has been evident in the increased industrial equipment sales and numerous eco-friendly developments across sectors. Here are some of the main trends:  

Energy Efficiency  

A company’s energy efficiency begins with the equipment they use. Construction experts have realized that they should build infrastructure that can leverage or rely on the sun, not work against it. This facilitated the establishment of innovations like net-zero buildings, which produce as much energy as they consume. 

Environmental Protection  

Ensuring a safe environment around your plant or construction site is among the key endeavours of eco-friendly companies. These entities begin by implementing several key procedures. For instance, construction companies are now using composite construction mats to protect wetlands and other ecologically sensitive areas. The last thing they intend to do is pollute the surrounding environment with waste, so most have protection procedures against toxic waste spills.  

Shift Toward Green Buildings  

More companies across the globe are shifting to green building and construction, and cities are assessing and analyzing green building targets and policies. Some of these include net-zero energy buildings, prefabricated modular buildings, smart buildings, and more, which will change how teams operate and deliver projects while ultimately improving the environment.  

Go Eco-Friendly with Axiom Equipment Group  

From equipment to materials, to a change in process, every single aspect of what we do contributes to a greener future for our clients. We strive towards sustainability and offer eco-friendly industrial equipment through our LED light towers and generators.  

Our light towers and generators adhere to North American operating standards for eco-friendly construction equipment. With a sturdy design yet many maintenance-free features, they’re ideal for the most challenging North American conditions, terrains, and climates. 

Metrolite Hybrid Light Tower (HLT-6150) 

As the trend for solar technology continues to grow, we have been proactive. The Metrolite Hybrid Light Tower (HLT-6150) combines diesel and solar energy, making it eco-friendlier and allowing you to save on maintenance and fuel costs. Some of its features include:  

– Galvanized, hydraulic, and heavy-duty mast

– Automatically goes on at dusk and turns off at dawn  

– Deep-Sea controller (electronic)  

– Comes with a cold-weather package 

– 110% secondary fluid containment  

– 150 LED lamps  

– Five outriggers for high winds  

– Steel and powder coated exterior 

Metrolite Electric Light Tower (ELT-4320)

The Metrolite Electric Light Tower (ELT-4320) is a compact light tower that promises zero emissions, zero maintenance, and zero noise. It includes: 

– Multi-positional 4X320W LED lights  

– Four lift points and forklift pockets  

– 22ft mast with a 360-degree rotating mast 

– Epoxy powder coated structure suitable for outdoor applications 

– A trolley with two retractable handles and two wheels  

– 15A/120V to power a single unit

– 30A/240V to power series of 1-4 units off each 30A electrical plug

Megagen Z Series Generators  

The Megagen Z Series is composed of high-quality generator sets with robust and long-lasting components that meet any industry operational demands. Our 25 – 150 kVA options have a built-in 30% load leveler to prevent wet-stacking, as well as a 110% spill containment that helps minimize pollution, saving you time, money, and most importantly, promoting safety and best practices.  

At Axiom Equipment Group, we take pride in doing our part to help minimize our environmental impact on this beautiful planet.  

Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly industrial equipment and experience the Axiom difference.