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Product Information

The Transtainer is the only transport approved container tank on the market in Canada today. This is a unique product that fits the needs of clients that need to both transport and store in a stationary environment, large volumes of fuel. Again, like the Transcube, the Transtainer is both Transport Canada approved for transporting fuel, and ULC approved for stationary storage as a contained double wall tank. Once again, the compartment where the pump is stored and all fittings are in an integral spill containment basin for maximum environmental protection.

For half the price of a similar sized tank truck body, the user can transport fuel in the Transtainer on a container chassis, flatbed truck, or even some railway systems using the intermodal method. Similarly to a fuel truck, the Transtainer can be equipped with an engine driven pump, weights and measures approved meter, and a hose reel for bulk delivery.

The Transtainer is equipped with a remote fill with overfill prevention valve, as well as a draw to draw contaminants from the containment crib. It is available as a 20 foot with big pump compartment, a 20 foot with a small side compartment and a 10 foot with a small side compartment. These latter two sizes are more suited to running large generators, whereas the 20 foot unit with a large pump compartment is ideally suited to act as a fuel tank truck for a large end-user account. In other cases, electronic pumps and card lock systems can be configured for fleets that needed to be able to transport fuel to remote jobsites and then control fuel consumption.

  • UL/ULC Plated for safe and legal fuel storage.
  • Full weatherproof secondary containment (Double wall).
  • All pumps and fitting are located inside the secondary containment for environmental protection.
  • Built within ISO container dimensions and CSC certified.
  • Approved for transportation of fuel on road/rail/sea under Transport Canada regulations.
  • Internal baffles prevent fuel surge and help stable handling and transportation at any fill level.
  • Corner twist locks top & bottom and forklift pockets for easy handling.
  • Stackable 6 high full of fuel, reducing transport and storage space requirements.
  • Option for 4 sets of feed & return connections plus pump/auxiliary equipment feed.
  • For additional security fuel lines can be fed through access holes enabling doors to be kept locked while tank is in use.
  • Access manway on top of tank for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Highly accurate magnetic contents gauge.
  • 9 UN Portable Tank allowing transportation of a wide range of flammable and combustible liquids
  • Available in 18,500 liter capacity.