Saskarc Group Happiness at Work Week Initiative Raises over $1,600 for Galloway Health Centre Handi-Van

Date Published: October 7, 2019

Axiom Community Support Fitness Friday

Axiom, Saskarc & Avro GSE Celebrated International Happiness at Work Week

Saskarc Group, including Saskarc Inc., Axiom Equipment Group and Avro GSE, celebrated International Happiness At Work Week the week of September 23, 2019.

The aim of International Happiness at Work Week is to celebrate happiness in the workplace through positive teambuilding and charitable activities.

Axiom Equipment Group is fully committed to every employee’s wellbeing and job satisfaction. The satisfaction brought by Happiness at Work Week was well noted among Axiom’s team.

“I firmly believe that employee engagement directly drives productivity and results. Fun activities that bring the different departments together as a whole team make such a noticeable improvement in employee morale!” said Katelyn Shimwell, Operations Assistant at Axiom Equipment Group.

“At Saskarc Group, I love that while we’re having fun with our team, we also know that our participation is supporting a local cause that means a lot to each of us.”

Employees who rate themselves as highly satisfied and engaged are more productive, flexible, resilient, creative and work better with colleagues. In turn, this happiness benefits customers who receive products and services that are provided by motivated teams who offer creative solutions.

Axiom’s team kicked off International Happiness at Work Week with a Smile Board, where employees shared what makes them happy to come to work.

Axiom Smile Board and Taco Tuesday

Throughout the week, employees enjoyed Taco Tuesday, Smile Cookies, a Casual Thursday and a Fitness Friday jumping jack challenge, which collectively raised $1,657.70.

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