HLT-6150 Hybrid LED Light Tower

HLT-6150 Hybrid LED Light Tower

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The Metrolite HLT-6150 hybrid light tower uses solar power and battery technology to efficiently illuminate your nighttime operations.

Through advanced hybrid technology and solar power, the Metrolite HLT-6150 Hybrid LED Light Tower uses a battery bank and daylight to efficiently, continually and cost-effectively illuminate your jobsite at night.


  • Powder coated steel exterior and galvanized mast
  • Heavy duty hydraulic mast
  • Automatic On at dusk, Off at Dawn feature
  • Deep Sea electronics controller
  • Cold weather package
  • 110% Secondary Fluid Containment
  • 6 high output 150-Watt LED lamps
  • 5 outriggers for superior wind stability


  • 2:1 ratio of battery operations versus engine runtime
  • Max 3-4 hours engine runtime per 10 hour night
  • Reduce labour costs and spillage by refueling only once every 30-40 days instead of every 2-3 days with conventional light towers
  • Versatile with the ability to run on solar & diesel, and function as an electric light tower

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  • Dimensions (L × W × H): 93in × 58in × 94.5in
  • Total Weight: 2,205lbs
  • Mast Height: 28ft
  • Rotation: 350deg
  • Floodlights: 6 × 150W
  • Total Lumen: 120,000lm
  • Light Coverage: 4,200sqm
  • Max Wind Rating: 110kph (68mph)
  • Rated Power: 4.2kW
  • Auxiliary Power: 2.5kVA 5 (Available with Engine On)
  • Electrical Receptacles: 1 × 110V 15A Outlet
  • Generator End: Linz Alumen 60 hZ
  • Engine: Kohler KDW702
  • Battery Type: 4 × Crystal Batteries
  • Battery Pack: 24V / 200A
  • Expected Battery Cycle: 3,100 (at 25°C)
  • Expected Battery Lifetime: 8-11 years
  • Sound Level at 7m: 61dB
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 120 litres (US gallons)
  • Fuel Consumption During Recharging: 1L/h (LED lights Always On)
  • Run Time Hybrid Mode (lights only): 360hour
  • Secondary Fluid Containment: 110%